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Finally a place to rest

Hey all! I'm new to livejournal and here. I've been going through and reading a bunch of past posts. Anyway, I just thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself and my story.

I was born Jon, changed my name to Jessica, but my friends just call me The Doctor with my love of Doctor Who (and the fact that I carry a sonic screwdriver screwdriver in my car). For the longest time I had very prominent feelings of being female and so I pursued that quest so to speak. Eventually I ended up off the hormones for the past year or so and I've noticed a change. Sometimes I feel male and sometimes I feel female. Heck sometimes I feel both or neither. It can only really be described as a see saw motion with male at one end and female at the other. 

Since discovering that there are other people out there who feel like me it has helped calm the storm within so to speak. I've got a few issues as I'm sure we all do. For example my issue is the opposite of KitKat's, I was born male, my drivers license still says male, but the name has changed and so has my body. The hormones have left me with an unmistakably female chest so that my male side can't really go swimming. I've also been going through the hair cutting proposal where my male side wouldn't mind have short hair but my female side loves long hair. It's the age old dilemma. lol

In closing, I'd just like to say that I have very much enjoyed the posting here and it helps me to not feel quite so alone. I have especially enjoyed Brinn's videos (? My apologies if this is wrong). I know we've each got stuff but I think if we support each other as a community we'll all be just fine no matter what those "normal" people may think.
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