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Media Request

Hello all

I was contacted by a representative for a national television news magazine who is interested in doing a more in-depth report on bigender. The genesis of this was the HuffPo article (which apparently was also on Scientific American and a few other sites) and LauraC's study.

I spoke with the reporter and he seems genuinely interested in investigating and reporting with honesty and respect. I will be going on-camera for this report, and he asked me to see if anyone else would be willing to speak with him, and preferably go on-camera.

He assured me that he would make every effort to preserve anonymity and privacy where needed and requested. Even if you weren't willing to go on-camera, he would like to speak with some more members of the forum and/or bigender-identified people for background if nothing else.

Please contact me if you are interested in participating and I will pass along his information.
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