Kat (kitkats94) wrote in bigender,

One thing I have a problem with

And this comes up every year for me as summer approaches, is swimming and the swim wear.  In my own back yard I have a pool and I'm okay to wear whatever I want since it is just my girlfriend and I who live here and fenced in.  I don't feel comfortable in a 1 or 2 piece woman's swim suit unless I'm female so I do actually wear the swim shorts on just the bottom for when I present male and swim in the yard.  Some part of me feels scared it won't be accepted in public to do this though and I have never attempted it.  I am 100% flat chested so that's not really an issue.  But I'm worried that if I ever go swimming in public at say a beach, and if I am wearing swim shorts and presenting male, someone will have a big problem with it and try and get me into trouble.  So I guess I want to know if this is something I will always have to live with and just keep swimming in the privacy of my yard every year or if there is a way that this won't be a problem for other people?  If anyone else has gone through this and has advise I would appreciate it, thank you.

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