Jessica (jinxedsheep) wrote in bigender,

My coming out

I have just recently started coming out as Bi Gendered. Honestly I just found out there was a word for it a few days ago. I didn't know there were other people like me. I didn't feel like I was born in the wrong body. I love my body and all it's female goodness. However, I also felt there was a man inside of me and at time i wanted that man to be on the outside. I have never gone out or let anyone see me in boy mode. I have two genders, two names. I am a man AND a women. My spouse and I are divorcing. But it's not a sad thing. We're both figuring out who we are and are happy doing so. We have a son and even live together for the time being. I came out to them today and it was amazing. The first person I told. They were very accepting.

I started a blog to have an outlet to talk about this. I hope other Bi Gendered people or just people who want to know more about it will read it. I would be honored if some of you checked it out.
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